Our Commitment

The best green beans are grown along a band around the equator known as “The Bean Belt.”  Some of these places which happen to be some of the most remote places on earth involving high altitudes, mountains, forest and the right climate.  This may be East Africa’s Uganda, Kenya to South America’s Colombia.  The little differences to any one of these natural elements will result in a different aroma, flavour and colour.

Responsible Sourcing

This is where our journey starts; we make the connection right from the beginning from how the beans are grown, picked and processed.  We travel, learn and understand at each stage of the process such that we can carefully pick the variety we want to achieve the blend we believe our customers will thoroughly enjoy.

Sustainable Sourcing

Only a fraction of our daily coffee benefits the hard working coffee farmers and producers.  This is why we are committed to sustainable sourcing ensuring farmers and producers benefit economically as well.  And we understand that without appreciating the environment is only limiting our reach for more coffee hence we care about the environment as much as you do.

Blending & Roasting

All our coffee is blended and roasted to perfection locally in Hong Kong.  We have a strict selection process and only 85% of our selected green beans make the cut to our final production.  All our coffee after roasting is set aside to rest up to 10 days to degas to give you the enhanced aroma and flavour ready for your perfect cup.